Meet the Team

We support individuals in developing competence in self-advocacy and acquiring skills that enable them to become more independent. SAW, Inc offers a full range of Adult Day Programs that includes art, gardening classes, health and fitness programs, and a variety of community inclusion activities. All individuals enjoy outings to the library, the YMCA, shopping, dining, volunteering, and much more. All Adult Day Services are person centered and tailored to the needs and desires of the individual.

Lana Brown, Direct Service Professional

As a direct support professional at SAW’s Rocky River AAC, Brown supervises and trains individuals and staff to ensure that clients are working toward their goals in a safe and healthy environment. This includes completing documentation and providing behavioral support.

Brown joined SAW’s team in early 2020, but has decades of experience caring for adults with developmental disabilities in a nursing home setting and also working for the Cuyahoga County board. She loves serving this population and takes pride in having good report with individuals and staff.

Brown is extensively trained and certified in a variety of areas. Some of her credentials include Medication Administration and CPR/First Aid Certification, as well as training in Enhancing Customer Service Skills, MUI, Behavior Support, HIPAA Privacy & Security, Client Rights, Diversity, Dual Diagnosis, Personality Disorder, Assistive Technology, SAW Best Practices and COVID-19.

When she’s not working, she enjoys Elvis Presley, jigsaw puzzles, spending time with family, and watching the Hallmark Channel.

Boris Brezo, Direct Service Professional

Brezo works as a direct service professional at SAW’s Beachwood AAC where he supports a group of individuals who split time between vocational production and habilitation activities. He takes each individual’s skills and abilities into consideration as he guides them through building and maintaining new ones, celebrating achievements with positive encouragement. Brezo believes that such support is important to increasing clients’ success and enabling them to live the richest, most independent life possible while at SAW and also out in the community.

With more than a decade of experience, Brezo has held positions in residential services, plan writing, and day programming. He loves being part of the SAW team of passionate, driven, creative people who feel privileged to serve this population. He also enjoys coordinating with corporate partners to enable interest-based programming that helps individuals earn a paycheck while increasing their confidence and developing the courage to try new things.

Brezo holds a B.A. in sociology and also graduated the Good Life Facilitation program with the Ohio Association of County Boards of Developmental Disabilities. He is certified in CPR/Frist Aid, Crisis Management, and Medication Passing.

Outside of work, Brezo is an avid cyclist, riding his bike to work (about a 40-mile round trip) when the weather is nice. He’s part of Joy Machines Racing, a local cycling team that strives to make the sport of cycling more inclusive and accessible in Northeast Ohio.

Darlene Bartok, Direct Service Professional

As a direct service professional at SAW’s Maple Heights AAC, Bartok not only helps individuals with personal care and emotional support, but also works with the production office to develop important programming.

Bartok has a delegated nursing certification and has been working professionally with individuals with developmental disabilities for more than a decade. However, with family members who also have disabilities, Bartok has been working with this population in some form her entire life. She is passionate about what she does at SAW and in her own life everyday.

Bartok’s son is deaf so she is fluent in sign language, which proves helpful with certain individuals at SAW as well.

Lageina Davis, Direct Service Professional

Davis works as a direct service provider at SAW’s AAC in Euclid. She assists individuals in achieving a life of increasing capabilities by helping them participate in community outings, guiding them through social interactions and keeping them actively involved with work and activities that align with their interests.

While Davis joined SAW in late 2019, she has more than 30 years of experience working with those with developmental disabilities, believing it’s her calling to serve others. She is certified in CPR/First Aid as well as hospice and home care. She loves showing individuals how they can be their own person while leading with patience and understanding.

When she’s not working, Davis enjoys fishing, walking/hiking and Walking, attending church and traveling.

Scott Taunt, Direct Service Professional

Taunt works as a direct service professional at SAW’s Parma AAC, supervising a work line with individuals who participate in vocational production and habilitation activities. He’s responsible for coordinating work, activities, and personal care and enjoys creating a positive work environment in which to accomplish their daily routines. Taunt also assists SAW’s operations manager to help load and unload trucks to bring work to groups.

Previous to joining SAW in early 2020, Taunt spent more than 30 years working with those with developmental disabilities and other special needs. He has ample community activities experience and medication administration certifications, as well as training in CPR/First Aid.

When not at SAW, Taunt is actively involved with the Masonic Masons, a major contributor to the Special Olympics. He also likes DIY projects, camping, and cars.

Valiet Johnson, Group Employment Manager

As a group employment manager at SAW, Inc., Johnson coordinates and oversees all employment and support staff for individuals. She assists clients, their families, and their caregivers in choosing and achieving a life of increasing capability in their communities.

Johnson joined SAW in late 2019 but has served individuals with developmental disabilities for more than four decades. She has completed the Cuyahoga County Board of Developmental Disabilities’ training program and, throughout her career, has amassed significant knowledge to support individuals in developing critical work and social skills, enabling them to become successful and fully involved citizens.

The best thing about working with SAW for Johnson is working with the individuals and families, developing those relationships to build a strong employment outcomes.

When she’s not at work, she enjoys flower gardening and decorating for a variety of parties and other celebrations.