Group Employment

At SAW Inc., we’re dedicated to empowering individuals with disabilities by equipping them with the skills and experiences vital for meaningful employment and creating job opportunities for people with disabilities. We take time to learn what is important to our participants and where they see themselves in the work world.  We then work with the participants and their teams to develop what they would need to make those desires happen.

SAW Inc. partners with a variety of community businesses and organizations to provide an integrated real work experience to group employment participants. We offer dispersed enclaves within a company and mobile work crews which go to multiple sites. 

How Do We Train?

Our trained staff teach invaluable soft work skills, such as teamwork, reliability, and adaptability—crucial assets applicable to any job. This training takes place through hands-on training as well as curriculum-based classroom learning. Participants also learn about meeting the expectations of an employer and working within the company culture.  Additionally, they acquire job-specific abilities in areas like cleaning, packaging, customer service, and more, while earning income. Our experienced employment staff focus on nurturing confidence and showcasing participants’ value and unique contributions to the workforce.

Let SAW, Inc. Support Your Goals

Many individuals have found success honing their skills with our group employment and then moving on self-assuredly to the next step of integrated competitive employment in areas such as retail, food service, custodial services, and manufacturing.

Businesses that Partner with SAW, Inc Include