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SAW, Inc. is Your Workforce Solution

More than ever, businesses are having difficulty recruiting and maintaining qualified candidates for entry-level positions.  Turnover can cost an organization both time and money.  By partnering with SAW, businesses can solve their workforce issues, strengthen their team with diversity, and build consumer trust.



Did you know?

SAW offers three different services with supervisory support that will increase your production, solve hiring issues, and improve your workplace diversity. All of this is done while saving you money!

  • In-House Assembly, Packaging, and Production – SAW Inc. operates four locations across Cuyahoga County with over 200 employees that will complete your job in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Group Employment – SAW Inc. will send a group of 10 employees and a supervisor to your site to perform a job. This includes jobs like cleaning, cooking, packaging, clerical, customer service, and more.  You teach the supervisor the job and they will ensure all employees learn your company expectations, work rules, and complete your job in a quality manner.
  • Temporary Work Crew – If you have more work than your current employees can manage, have a short-term quota, or job that your team can’t complete, then our Temporary Work Program may be the turn-key solution that you have been looking for.


We Help Employment Partners Who:

  • Struggle to Attract Entry Level Workers
  • Are Tired of Training New Employees Just to Watch Them Leave
  • Need People to Perform Repetitive or Tedious Tasks
  • Are Looking to Save Money on HR Functions for Employees

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How Businesses Work with Us


You train one of our SAW, Inc. employment staff on the task to be accomplished.


You train one of our SAW, Inc. employment staff on the task to be accomplished.


Your business experiences increased productivity from our onsite team.

Businesses that Partner with SAW, Inc Include

Let SAW, Inc. handle the management, HR functions, and transportation needs of our team while you experience quality work from an onsite crew.

“People with disabilities stay in jobs longer than individuals without disabilities (62% stay 3 years or longer) – decreasing turnover for businesses and recruiting costs”

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) initiatives promote representation and participation of different groups of individuals in the workplace. They are designed to address discrimination and marginalization, creating a culture of respect and inclusion for employees from all backgrounds.

National and worldwide events of the 2020s ignited increased interest for employers to employ DEI initiatives to eliminate biases and foster inclusion.

One often overlooked and unaddressed population in DEI initiatives is that of the disabled, and specifically adults with developmental disability.

Nearly two-thirds of the 22 million working-age Americans with disabilities have been left out of the labor market, according to the National Council on Disability’s 2020 Progress Report on National Disability Policy: Increasing Disability Employment.

SAW's Commitment

  • It is our goal at SAW, Inc. to encourage a local community that fully embraces accessibility, inclusion and belonging in the workplace, especially in Northeast Ohio.
  • We are witnessing the success of individuals every day who actively participate in workplace training programs at SAW, including, but not limited to, increasing relevant skills for young adults with developmental disabilities who transition into full-time employment, which is fulfilling for them, and beneficial to employers.
  • We are committed to helping employers with their DE&I initiatives, seeing individuals with disability as an asset, making it seamless to extend work to these individuals. SAW partners with employers who do not have the staff, knowledge, or accessible workplace environment.
  • We also continuously provide person-centered services that train and encourage those with developmental disabilities to be confident and fulfilled.
  • Just like different races, religions, and cultures make our communities stronger, diversity in abilities can also contribute to our communities in positive ways. People with disabilities bring unique perspectives and skills that can benefit everyone. Disability inclusion benefits not only people with disabilities, but also their families, friends, and communities. We all benefit from a more diverse and inclusive society.