Next Steps

Next STEPS for Young Adults

SAW, Inc. is excited to offer the Next STEPS Program. SAW, Inc’s Next STEPS program focuses on young adults with developmental disabilities who have recently graduated from High School who are looking to develop and/or sharpen their employment skills.

The Next STEPS program is a structured training. The goal of Next STEPS is to facilitate students’ successful transition to life after high school. To achieve this goal, the SAW Team participates in developing individual transition plans and vocational training based on each student’s needs, abilities, independent living skills, personal interests, and desires.

Next STEPS develops customized, assessment-based vocational and transitional services with a focus on each student’s interests, abilities, independent living skills, and personal goals. By collaborating with students, families, and community partners, Next STEPS creates opportunities for students to gain valuable work and life experience through employment experiences, exploring career options, volunteer service, and other types of community engagement. Next STEPS provides curriculum based and hands-on training along with work experience, guest speakers, peer mentors, workplace wellness, and acquiring job search skills.

Let Next STEPS with SAW, Inc. help you confidently enter adulthood and identify and reach your employment outcome at your own pace.​