Vocational Habilitation

SAW, Inc. is a Place for You

SAW, Inc. offers Vocational Habilitation Services and job opportunities for people with disabilities at all four of our locations conveniently located throughout Cuyahoga County. Our sites are open Monday-Friday with Non-Medical Transportation available to and from our buildings.

We support individuals in moving along their path to employment both in community settings and in facility-based services.  Our Vocational Habilitation Program also supports those individuals who are not sure if they want a job, helping participants to learn about the meaning and value of work, explore what job characteristics are important to them, and which careers align with their strengths and desires. The program also builds confidence in work abilities and teaches individuals how to deal with work situations in a safe learning environment with supportive staff.

Individuals in our Vocational Habilitation Program develop soft skills such as learning responsibility, flexibility, problem-solving, social interaction in the workplace, attendance, and workplace safety.  SAW, Inc’s. Vocational Habilitation programs also help individuals learn and refine effective work habits and behaviors while performing work tasks such as assembly, inspection, packaging, and collating tasks.  There are also opportunities to earn higher wages and learn higher level skills in a community work setting.

SAW Inc. provides a variety of job and work opportunities by offering temporary work opportunities with community partners.  This allows participants to try out different short-term jobs in a small group setting while learning flexibility and more about their interests.  SAW, Inc. staff stay with individuals for training and support, and while between jobs, maintain their position in center-based training.  Participants earn a paycheck for all work performed.

With a proven program that effectively teaches work skills and habits to those with disabilities through a person-centered approach, SAW, Inc. has helped hundreds of individuals with disabilities gain the confidence that they need for long-term employment.

Learn more about SAW’s approach to Vocational Habilitation by contacting us today.